Gender Male
Played by James Caan
Dane Boedigheimer (as a child)
Death Knifed
First Appearance Jalapeño

Javier Jalapeño (or simply Jalapeño; also known as Chili Gordo and by many other names) was the secondary protagonist and main subject of the episode Jalapeño. The Fruit Basket Group admires and adores him, and he is one of the few characters who doesn't get annoyed by Orange. In his youth, Jalapeño was very similar to Orange, because he was annoying people such as Habanero who got knifed at the end of the flashback. He was also a very popular and charming pepper, which leads to fruits from a fruit basket to woo him. Jalapeño took an interest in Orange, and said that he posessed the burning light of passion. He was a skilled singer as well. However, he was knifed, and in his final words, he asked for Orange to keep the passion burning.



Jalapeño as a child

  • Jalapeño is the fourth character to not scream while getting knifed (the first being Grandpa Lemon).
  • As a child, he had the highest voice of any character (even higher than Marshmallow) and was annoying like Orange. Ironically, as an adult, he had the lowest voice of any character.
  • He is the only Jalapeño pepper in the series.
  • His knifing scene was the longest (even longer than Mango), being 38 seconds long.
  • As a child he is the first character other than Orange to yell "Knife!". The second is Grapefruit in Best Fiends Forever while the third being Tomato.
  • He was one of two characters with a sultry voice. The second was Honey Bear.


  • "Are you talking to me? Hello, my orange friend."
  • "No, I am not an apple. My name is... Jalapeño."
  • "Interested? No. I am more than interested. And tell your friend she looks quite lovely today."
  • (chuckles) "Touché, Orange."
  • "You know, Orange, you remind me of someone".
  • "Yes, you see, my friend, I wasn't always so smooth."
  • "Ah, was I ever so young."
  • "Orange, you have no talent".
  • "But, you possess something more precious - you, my friend, are full of... pasión."
  • "No, it is true."
  • "Talent is a cheap call, but for a man who wears too much plaid."
  • "Do you think without passion, I could do this?"
  • (sings) "Tra-lalala, tra-lalala."
  • "Thank you, thank you."
  • "Ouch!"
  • "Amigo, you have cut me deeper than any woman I have ever met."
  • "Yes, and someday, he will come to us all."
  • "And yet, there is still light - the burning light of passion. It is now in your hands.
  • "Nor do I. But yet I am still..."
  • "(chuckles) Yes, my friend. I knew you wouldn't let me down. Ouch."
  • "Keep the passion burning, Orange. Keep it burning!"

As a child

  • "Hey, hey Habanero! Hey!"
  • "Habanero, hey!"
  • "Can you do this? Lalalalalalalalalala...tralalalalalalalalala! (laughs)
  • "Hey, Habanero!"
  • "Knife!"
  • "Aaaaaaahhhh!!!"

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