Blue Juice Box & Cherry Juice Box
Juice Boxes
Gender Males
Played by Joe Bereta (Blue) & Luke Barats (Cherry)
Death Drunk by Dane Boedigheimer (Cherry), Exploded (revived), knifed (Blue)
First Appearance Juice Boxing

The two Juice Boxes are supporting characters of The Annoying Orange. They were the main antagonists of the episode Juice Boxing, and were first seen taken out of the refrigerator by Dane Boedigheimer and placed on the counter to drink. Orange then began asking dim-witted questions (an example being if they could dance, because the instructions on their labels say to "shake well"). Orange then pondered why Cherry had earned his nickname, because he had looked nothing like a cherry. Cherry had explained that juice boxes are flavored to taste like fruit juice. Orange then wondered what Blue tasted like, and asked Pear. Pear informed Orange that there was no such flavor as "blue", and Blue had explained that his flavor, blue raspberry, was a very recognized flavor to many. Pear had contradicted him, making them both irritated. Cherry told Pear that it was what was on the inside that counts. Orange then foolishly thought that he ate a calculator, and asked if he was going to eat the toaster as well. Orange then further annoyed them by constantly yelling "hey", until Cherry was drank and crushed by Dane Boedigheimer. Blue, scared, then began squirting juice at Toaster until he exploded. Soon after that, toaster got a replacement. They, like many, later appeared in Annoying Orange Comedy Roast!, roasting Orange. They currently appear frequently in episodes of The Marshmallow Show, as part of the Random Dance Break along with many other supporting characters from past episodes. Cherry is voiced by Luke Barats, and Blue is voiced by Joe Bereta.


  • On the bottom of them, it says "All natural flavours, contains tree bark and rubber tires."
  • They are 66% juice.
  • They are from the brand "Juice Box Blasters".

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