Mama Knife
AO Mama Knife
Gender Female
Played by Joey Nalty
Death None
First Appearance Mommy and Me

Mama Knife (credited as Knife's Mom) is a character who only appeared in Mommy and Me to scold Knife for chopping up Yam. She is very similar to her son Knife , except that her face is on the right hand side of the knife, and she has brown hair and blue heart earrings. 


  • "What on earth are you doing?"
  • "Don't you mom me; I thought I raised you to be sharper than that."


  • She is the second character to wear earrings, after Mama Orange.
  • She is the first female knife.
  • She is played by Joey Nalty, the wife of Kevin Nalty, the voice of Knife.
  • She does not seem to care that much that knife killed somebody.

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