Mama Marshmallow
Gender Female
Played by Sally Kellerman and Dane Boedigheimer
Death None
First Appearance Mommy and Me

"Oh, honey. I felt the same way when I married your father." - Mama Marshmallow

Mama Marshmallow is the mother of Marshmallow and the wife of King Marshmallow, also making her the queen of Marshmalia. She made her first appearance in Mommy and Me. She had visited Marshmallow in the kitchen for Mothers' Day, and their departure left everyone else baffled, but at the same time not as surprised. She made a second appearance in Fry-day getting Marshmallow to T.G.I. Fry-days, and enjoying an afternoon meal with Orange and the gang. Her third appearance was in Fruits vs Zombies: Marshmallow, where she had rescued Marshmallow from a huge wave of zombies. Her first major appearance was in Marshmallow Wedding, when she threw a surprise engagement ceremony for Marshmallow, who was planned to marry a marshmallow-eating beast named Grumblabla. She was first seen during the episode complaining that Marshmallow brought too many guests, and that she would be charged 150 jellybeans each. That's when the gang figured out that all members of the ceremony would be tossed into a chocolate volcano after the ceremony had ended. Once Grumblabla showed up, she began eating Marshmallows, causing Pear to wonder why Marshmallow was going to be married to a marshmallow-eating beast. Mama Marshmallow's only excuse was that "there was a very huge dowry involved". However, after seeing enough chaos, she decided to help Orange and the rest rescue Marshmallow from being eaten and rescue them from being thrown into a volcano. Soon after, Nerville had crushed Grumblabla on his arrival to the wedding. Mama Marshmallow then thanked Nerville and the ceremony became an "almost wedding party", hosted by DJ Princess Buttercup and Pomegranate. Her second speaking role was in Annoying Orange Let's Play Call Of Duty Ghosts #2: Marshmallow Fight!, when she was telling Marshmallow not to play any violent video games, but to instead play ones that were educational.


AO Mama Marshmallow

Mama Marshmallow in her debut


Another one of Mama Marshmallow's different appearances