Marty Meatball
AO Marty Meatball
Gender Male
Played by Greg Benson
Death Flattened by Spatula, cooked, eaten (revived), crushed by tanks (revived again) squashed by Squash (revived again), squashed by gavel (revived again), squashed by Queen Nyquil
First Appearance Comedy Clubbing

Marty Meatball (also known as Chuck by Orange at the end of the episode) was a character who only appeared in Comedy Clubbing. He was a stand-up comedian who made up very bad and rude jokes about his ex-wife, but eventually, a bored Orange complained that he wasn't very funny. As a result, Marty started picking on him and Pear. Orange and Marty engaged in a joke and insult war for several minutes until a spatula flattened Marty into a patty, and placed him onto a frying pan, where he cooked to death. After that, Marty appeared as a background character in multiple episodes.


  • "Oh, you want to see a joke, huh? Quick, somebody get this guy a mirror! Hey hey hey!"
  • "Boy, oh boy, let me tell you about my ex-wife. My ex-wife wanted to be actress, I'll tell you she's so ugly she couldn't even get a part in a hot dog! Hey-o!"
  • "She's stupid, too! You wanna know how stupid? She thought a sirloin was a knight! Ho!"
  • "And oh, boy, is she a lousy driver. Just last week, she T-boned my car!"
  • "All right, looks like we got another comedian here, folks. What's your name, huh? Bozo? (laughs)!"
  • "Orange, you are so stupid, you thought photosynthesis had something to do with a camera!"
  • "And what about your little buddy there?"
  • "Not you, munchkin. The other guy."
  • "Boy, does this guy need some exercise! He's looking a little pear-shaped!"
  • "Uhh, okay."
  • "Yeah, a pair of jokers. Ho-ho!"
  • "Yeah, whatever, Orange. I'm the one rinding you down!"
  • "What do you want now?"
  • "What?"
  • "Then why don't you make like a hockey stick and get the puck outta here?"


  • Although he and Orange have comedian skills, Orange only and naturally uses it to annoy characters. Marty's jokes are to entertain people as the main purpose of his job.
  • His left eye is smaller than his right.
  • He is the third meat in the series, after Salami and Hot Dog.

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