Gender Male
Played by Olan Rogers
Death Zapped by a laser and exploded
First Appearance Meteortron

Meteortron was a character who first appeared in Annoying Orange: Meteortron. He was a "Frotobot" which he explains is a species of shape-shifting robots similar to Decepticons from Transformers. He is a parody of Megatron, the antagonist of the Transformers film. He was killed fighting Spell & Speak.


Before his transformation into a robot, he looked like a meteor. Sometimes, an arm attached to certain tools such as spinning blades and laser guns, appeared behind his back before Spell & Speak destroyed it.

In his robot mode, he was a blue and grey robot with parts of his "alternate mode" on his back...


  • The fact that he doesn't turn into an Earth device may be a nod to how Megatron doesn't usually turn into an Earth device.
  • He is a parody of Megatron from Transformers.


  • "Yaaaah!"
  • "Behold!"
  • "Silence!"
  • "I am Meteortron!"
  • "Negative! I merely look like a meteor!"
  • Die, Optacon!


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