Microscopic Apple
Gender Male
Played by Greg Benson
Death None
First Appearance Microscopic Apple

Microscopic Apple was the main antagonist of an episode of the same name. Orange (who for some reason received occupation as a police officer), along with Officer Potato and Officer Egg, brought in three different-sized apples in as suspects to Tomato's mugging, which included Midget Apple. However, none of the three apples was the apple that mugged Tomato, which baffled both officer until Microscopic Apple came in, and Tomato quickly revealed that he was the one that mugged her. Officer Egg first took Microscopic Apple in for questioning, but Microscopic Apple refused to talk. He irritated Officer Egg up to the point where he cracked (literally), and ended up splitting open. Midget Apple then requested Officer Potato to allow him to question Microscopic Apple. Officer Potato was skeptical at first, but he then decided to give Midget Apple a chance. Midget Apple began by asking Microscopic Apple how tall he was. But when Microscopic Apple wouldn't answer, he began making fun of his height. He eventually revealed that he was a quarter inch tall. Midget Apple then pulled out a blue folder, and began reading off all of the short jokes that he stockpiled throughout his entire life. This upset Microscopic Apple so much that he finally confessed to mugging Tomato, and was placed under arrest.

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