Monster Truck
Gender Male
Played by Robert Jennings
Death Non living
First Appearance As an Inanimate Object: Theme Song Attack

As a Character: Fan Boy

Midget Apple has a Monster Truck, seen in Wazzup Blowup on his cell phone screen and Theme Song Attack in his theme song during the line "Livin' large is his claim to fame". It was used by Midget Apple to run over a car. It is the first truck in the series and like Grandpa Lemon, he is one of the main characters to have a vechicle that appears in the annoying orange episodes several times. It reappeared in Annoying Orange vs Angry Birds when, after being shot backwards by the slingshot, Midget Apple uses it to run over the pigs' structure. It then appeared in Monster Trucked, running over various monsters.


  • It later reappeared in Fry-day. Midget Apple uses it to get to T.G.I. Fry-Day's.
  • The paint design is a reference to Grave Digger of Monster Jam.
  • The truck reappeared in Annoying Orange: Monster Truck, and Midget Apple used it to run over all the monsters in the town.
  • He reappeared as character in Annoying Orange: Fan Boy.

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