Gender Male
Played by Benny Fine
Death Knifed
First Appearance Orange Potter and the Deathly Apple

Moldywarts was the main antagonist of the episode Orange Potter and the Deathly Apple. Like his name states, he was a moldy apple covered in warts. He and Snapefruit was making an attempt to defeat Orange Potter and trap Pear Weasly and Passiony Granger into big molds of geletin. Orange Potter was visited by Grandpa Lemondore in his dreams to find out the secret to defeating Moldywarts. The secret was that Orange Potter was to be friendly to his enemies so they would not expect being knifed. Moldywarts was knife shortly after this, and Orange Potter began eating the jello.



Moldywarts as a young and fresh apple

  • He is the third apple to be knifed somewhere besides the kitchen (the first being Apple).

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