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Nancy Nectarine
Gender Female
Played by Theresa Barket
Death None, but almost knifed
First Appearance Kitchen Intruder

Nancy Nectarine was a minor character who only appeared in Kitchen Intruder. She lives on the counter of a house on HeyApple Ave. She is one of the fruits that wasn't chopped by Knife when attempted, although the attempt was not seen in the episode. She claimed that a man (Dane Boedigheimer) with a giant butcher knife attempted to remove her peel.


  • She is the first character portrayed by Theresa Barket.
  • She was the intended victim of the episode but due tooids intervention she was saved; and seeds spat from Orange instead decimated three limes and a kiwi.
  • Nancy parodies Kelly Dodson, where Orange parodies Antoine Dodson and Mark & Elizabeth parody the news reporters.


  • " I was attacked by some idiot in the kitchen."
  • "He tried to slice me, he tried to cut my peel off."
The Achievement Leaderboard has created a badge for this character called Attacked and is in the blog post track, and can be awarded to you by registering and creating a blog post. It is a bronze medal, meaning it is worth 10 points.

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