Ninja Fruit
Gender Male
Played by Askaninja
Death None
First Appearance Kung Fruit

Ninja Fruit or Ninja Apple is a mysterious fruit who lives in his dojo under the oven and an expert in the ancient art of the Ninja Fruit. He was the secondary protagonist of the episode Kung Fruit. He meets Orange there and trains him to become a master of Kung Fruit and gives him a ninja suit. Orange thanks him for helping him defeat Coconut, but in the end he says he still wants the suit back as it was only a loaner.


  • "Did somebody just say Coconut?"
  • "Perhaps you should ask a Ninja... Fruit!"
  • "In my shadowy dojo!"
  • "Yeah, maybe. This Coconut you speak of, does he practice..."
  • "Aaah! So returns my mortal enemy to wreak havoc upon the kitchen!"
  • "No time for laughter!"
  • "I will teach you the ancient ways of the Ninja Fruit so that you might return to the counter and destroy all that...needs destroying, mostly the Coconut."
  • "Yeah...I'm not going to do that."
  • "Yes your training's almost complete. There's actually only one more thing that I can, probably even teach you: machine wash cold, and then tumble dry!"
  • "Well done, my pulpy pupil. You defeated my mortal enemy and returned honor to the Ninja Fruits!"
  • "But I'm still gonna need the suit back."
  • "Come on, I told you it was a loaner."