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Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat
Gender Female
Death Squashed by Squash
First Appearance Epic Rap Battles of Kitchenry

Nyan Cat is an internet meme showing a grey cat with a pop tart body flying through space with a rainbow trail.


He/she/it was parodied on Annoying Orange: Nya Nya Orange. It is similar because Princess Butterfly Kiss leaves a rainbow trail and Orange is singing a similar song.


Nyan Cat has two cameos. On Annoying Orange: Epic Rap Battles of Kitchenry, he/she/it drops M&M while going up-right.

Also on Annoying Orange: U Can't Squash This, Squash squashes him/her/it.

Nyan Cat was also mentioned by Blue in Comedy Roast when Cherry immitated Orange's babbling and he said " What's that all about, huh? You think you're Nyan Cat? Like if you do it long enough you'll turn into a pop tart and fly through rainbows?"


Nyan Nya Orange (Nyan Cat SPOOF)(01:12)
AO Version
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Nyan Cat original(03:37)
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