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This Onion comes from the episode Food Court, if you're looking for the one who appeared in Excess Cabbage, click here.

Onion 2
Gender Male
Played by Peter Coffin
Death None
First Appearance Food Court

Onion is a minor character who only made a cameo apperance in Food Court.


Onion is a minor character who stated that Orange said that his mother was a "Funyun with a bunion".


  • He was portrayed by Peter Coffin, who had played a different onion previously (in Excess Cabbage). This onion resembles the previous onion very much, but his lips, eyes, and voice are different.
  • Onion, along with Bailiff Apple, were present when Liam was crushed by the courtside pillar.
  • He is the third onion in the series (the first being Onion and the second being Onion).
  • It is possible that the onion from Excess Cabbage, the onion from The Onion Ring, and Onion are related.
  • He is the third onion in the series.
  • He may be related to onion from Excess Cabbage.


  • "He said my mother was a Funyun with a bunion."

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