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One of Orange's seeds

Orange Seeds were introduced in TOE-MAY-TOE, where Orange spits one at Tomato to annoy him. He has done this to several other characters, right after he asked them if they could spit seeds. This is the first seed in the show.

It was also used in the first sitcom episode. It was spat at Pepper because he said "just hit me".

It had a major plot role in the third-season episode ZOOM!!! as an unintentional murder weapon that made a dent in Zoom. The dent eventually became a hole due to the pressure inside of Zoom, and the energy drink contained within sprayed out of him and into Orange's mouth. As he was leaking, Zoom warned Orange that the energy drink was extreme, as it was being sprayed into his mouth, and Zoom became extremely drowsy afterwards.

In April Fruits Day, Orange spits a seed at Tomato to check if she was someone in disguise or real and she was real.

In First Person Fruiter, Orange spits seeds at Papaya as they were playing pirates. An angry Papaya then shot multiple seeds back. This is the first episode where someone other than Orange spits seeds.

In Annoying Orange: Ask Orange 1, Orange spat multiple seeds rapidly at Pear at the question "How long can you spit seeds at Pear?" (The seeds came out of orange's mouth like bullets from a machine gun.)

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