Peep Keeper
AO Peep
Gender Male
Played by Robert Jennings
Death none
First Appearance Easter Island

The Peep Keeper is the king of Easter Island. He is a giant Marshmallow Peep Chick who lives in a usually dormant volcano, but then emerged due to Orange's annoyance. It is said by the chocolate bunnies that he is a peaceful being unless he is annoyed. However, Marshmallow was able to calm him down and end hostilities between him and Orange.


  • In one of Daneboe's earlier films, Dane had put a peep in the kitchen's 10,000 watt microwave to see what the outcome would be. The microwave had exploded, and the peep had turned into a giant mutant monster that was destroying Dane's apartment building. This peep could be the outcome of this.
  • Marshmallow was able to communicate with the Peep Keeper because they are both made of marshmallow product.

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