Voodoo Doll
Voodoo doll as orange
Gender Male
Played by Orange (Dane Boedigheimer)
Death None
First Appearance As an inanimate object: The Voodoo You Do!

As a character: The Voodoo You Do!

The Pin Cushion (also known as the Voodoo Doll) was a character who was actually a second body and face to Orange. He was seen being used by the Voodoo Apples as an experiment with Orange as the test monkey. However, they were being annoyed by Orange's "motorboating" as both he and the pin cushion were doing it simultaneously. Midget Apple was able to reverse the spell, making him larger and the Voodoo Apples even smaller. Their original plan was to hit Orange with the caramel first. The voodoo doll had not appeared since.



The pin cushion as an inanimate object

  • So far, Orange is the only character to have voodoo tested on him. In fact, he was put into the body of both the pin cushion and an eggplant in Out of the Blue.

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