Rage Sage
Gender Male
Played by Chester See
Death Sliced by an axe
First Appearance Rage Sage

Rage Sage (also known as Gene Simmons in Too Many Fruits) was the main subject of the episode Rage Sage. Orange and Pear enjoyed his rock music, but when they heard his new album known as "Unicorn Kisses", they didn't approve of it, as it didn't have any feeling of rage in the entire album. Rage Sage then knew that it was the end of the line for him, and explained his troubled past (he had crashed his car into a garbage disposal, and lost his girlfriend to a zucchini rapper), but then Orange began annoying him, and that brought back the vintage rage. Rage Sage finished his album on a successful note, until being split in half by an axe, which was ironic, considering he wanted to replace the sword he wields in the song with an axe. As he died, Rage Sage said that this is how he "always knew he would end".


  • His name is a spoof of guitarist Kyle "Kage" Gass' nickname, Rage Kage.

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