Gender Male
Played by Joe Bereta
Death Crushed by a hot dog
First Appearance Meteortron

Relish was a character who appeared in Meteortron. He was the Relic, a device of unspeakable power.


He originally appeared as a joke filler after he labeled himself as the relic, which irritated him. However, at the end of the episode, he reveals himself to be the Relic, but was killed by a falling hot dog.

Meteortron says the Relic is a device of unspeakable power. Due to his untimely death, the full extent of his powers are unknown, but he was shown to be a master of disguise.


  • As he is, like stated by Meteortron, a "device of unspeakable power", he could be a spoof of the Allspark from Transformers.


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