Season 2 is the second season of Annoying Orange which succeeds Season 1 and precedes Season 3.

Name Episodes Season premiere Season finale
Season 2 (2010) 52 January 15, 2010 December 24, 2010
Episodes list
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Youtube Summary/


More Annoying Orange 1/15/2010 5 1 Orange meets another annoying orange.
Hey Youtube! 1/15/2010 6 2 Orange introduces his new YouTube channel. 
Wazzup! 1/22/2010 7 3 Orange recreates an old Budweiser commercial with an apple, two bananas, a kiwi, and a lemon
Super Bowl Football 1/29/2010 8 4 Orange gets involved in a debate with a soccer ball and a football, annoying the latter. 

Annoying Saw

2/5/2010 9 5 Orange and an eggplant are kidnapped by Jigsawparodying the film Saw
Passion of the Fruit 2/19/2010 10 6 Orange meets a passion fruit and falls in love with her, but their love affair is ruined by the arrival of a grapefruit
Orange gets Autotuned 2/26/2010 11 7 Orange meets an iPhone. He initially finds the iPhone boring, until he discovers that the iPhone can autotune him. 
A Cheesy Episode 3/5/2010 12 8 Orange annoys a wedge of cheese to a point where the cheese begins to have suicidal thoughts. 
Luck o' the Irish 3/12/2010 13 9 Orange finds a pot of gold that belongs to Liam, a leprechaun, but refuses to return it to him. Orange then receives a whistling pinwheelthat irritates Liam. 
Prank Call #1: Tanning Salon 3/19/2010 14 10 Orange makes a prank call to a tanning salon. 

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