Soccer Ball
Gender Male
Played by Dane Boedigheimer
Death Kicked by Dane Boedigheimer
First Appearance Super Bowl Football

Soccer Ball (also known as Futball) is a supporting character in Super Bowl Football and The Orange Cup. He talks in a British accent and British dialect. He first appeared as a character who was a football. Football says he wasn't a football in America, existing in America as a soccer ball. He was then kicked by Dane Boedigheimer. However, at the end, informing Orange that he's a football, in which Orange says Football told him he wasn't made of feet and coins the term "Melon", referring to his shape, size and color. Near the end of the episode, he lands on the picnic table Orange is on. Soccer Ball later returns in The Orange Cup. He gets called melon by Orange once again, angering him, who manages to tell Orange that's he isn't a melon. Orange then blows a vuvuzela at Soccer Ball before he got kicked away by Dane Boedigheimer.


  • "Whoa."
  • "I'm not a melon, I'm a football."
  • "Whah."
  • "I tell ya, I'm the bloody football, not him."
  • "Ow."
  • "Hey! I told you before, I'm not a melon!"
  • "Holy crap, you're annoying!"
  • "I'm not a melon."
  • "I'm not a melon!!"
  • "What?"
  • "Could you please stop it please?"
  • "Oh god, it's very annoying."
  • "What is it?"
  • "Ow!"

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