Spell & Speak
Spell&Speak Full Body
Gender Male
Played by Robert Jennings
Death Zapped by a laser and exploded
First Appearance Annoying Orange: Meteortron

Spell & Speak was a character who appeared in the episode Meteortron. He was an Opticon, a spoof of Autobots from Transformers. He was killed in a battle with Meteortron...


He is a nod to the Speak & Spell, a calculator-type toy made by Texas Instruments that was made to teach spelling (hence the name). In his robot mode, he was a tall, thin, red, blue and yellow robot with a laser gun in replacement of a right hand.


  • "Hoagie: H-O-A - (interrupted by Croissant)
  • "Silence: S-I-L-E - (zapped by Meteortron's laser)
  • "Can you spell zing?"
  • "Boom!"
  • "Yes, for I am more than an educational tool. I am an Opticon!"
  • "Meteortron! Step away from the relic!"
  • "Oh!"

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