Gender Male
Played by Dane Boedigheimer
Death None
First Appearance Grandpa Lemon

Spider was a minor character who only appeared in Grandpa Lemon. He was accused of farting when Grandpa Lemon actually did, claiming that there was a "barking spider" (a slang term for a fart) in the Kitchen. When Spider actually farted neat the end of the episode, Orange thought it was Grandpa Lemon, but Spider admitted that he passed gas that time. He then ate an innocent fly.


  • "What? Screw you guys! You always blame me for everything! I'm outta here!"
  • "Okay, that one was me!"


The Achievement Leaderboard has created a badge for this character called Barker and is in the Shorts subtrack of the Edit track, and can be awarded to you by registering and making 250 edits on Shorts pages. It is a gold medal, meaning it is worth 100 points.