This page contains a list of Supper Heroes which are basically super heroes that are foods. Each one is a specific food who are capable of doing things any normal food wouldn't be capable of. Each one was mentioned in The Juice 4: BatPan & Robinero. Here is a list of them:

Supper Heroes

Image Name Description
SpiderFlan Spider-Flan A flan supper hero with the powers of a spider and texture of flan. Many villains are much too disgusted by him to even dare begin battle with him. He is a parody of Spider-Man.
Magmeato Magmeato While not actually a supper hero he is a supper villain. He has the ability to move any metal material with his magnetic abilities, and can also levitate with access to metal. He is a parody of Magneto.
MamaMarshmallowJuice Mama Marshmallow The mother of Marshmallow as well as a unicorn with the ability to fly and leave behind a rainbow trail. It is also stated that she is from the planet Krypton, and may have moved to Marshmalia before meeting King Marshmallow.
Souperman Souperman A bowl of soup with superhuman powers who is from the planet Krypton. He is a parody of Superman.
BatPanInCave BatPan A pan supper hero who has a sidekick named Robinero Sauce. He can be summoned if his theme song is sung by anyone in need of assistance. He is a parody of Batman.

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