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"The Annoying Orange"
Season: 1
Broadcast Number: 1
Airing Information
Released: October 9, 2009
February 15, 2010 (reupload)
Written by: Dane Boedigheimer
Directed by: Dane Boedigheimer
Gallery Transcript
Episode Chronology
"Hey Youtube!"

The Annoying Orange is the forst episode of the Annoying Orange series. As of April 2011, the first video received more than 57 million views. The re-upload on Orange's own channel received more than 5 million views, which adds up to over 62 million total views. The episode marks the first appearance of main characters Orange and Pear.

The episode was intended to be only a video for Dane Boedigheimer's channel, but since this episode became very popular, he decided to make an Annoying Orange series. The video was uploaded on October 9, 2009 on Boedigheimer's channel, and was reuploaded to the realannoyingorange channel on February 15, 2010.


Orange annoys the hell out of his friend Apple.


The episode begins with Orange annoying a Apple by constantly shrieking, "Hey, Apple!". Apple, in an unfriendly tone, responds, but Orange began to anger him further by sharing him a series of puns, one being "Orange you glad I didn't say "Apple" again?" Orange then continues persistently annoying Apple by flipping his tongue and making infantile noises. Apple eventually loses his temper, yells at Orange, and asks him to be quiet.

Orange remains silent for a while, but eventually speaks again to warn Apple of Knife. An unsuspecting Apple is sliced to death by Knife. Orange is saddened until he sees Pear next to him and begins to talk to him, much to Pear’s dismay.


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