This page is about the crew of The Annoying Orange series

  • Written By: Daneboe and Bobjenz (sometimes)
  • Music By: Emma Kenny, Dane Boedigheimer, Event Banditt and Peter Coffin

Shelly, Shira Lazar, Smosh, The Fine Bros, Theresa Barket Toby Turner, Weezer, Wheezy Waiter and Zackscott

  • Additional Animation Provided by: Dastoli Digital
  • Executive In Charge of Production for Collective Digital Studios
  • Executive In Charge of Production for A Gagfilms Company.
  • Executive In Charge of Production for CWFamily58
  • Executive In Charge of Syndicated Production for Warner Bros. Television
  • Special Thanks to: The Annoying Orange Fans
  • © 2009 A Gagfilms Company. and Collective Digital Studios. All Rights Reserved. Annoying Orange, and all related titles logos and characters are trademarks of Dane Boedigheimer and Gagfilms. and CWFamily58.

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