Gender Male
Played by Robert Jennings
Death Exploded (revived)
First Appearance As an inanimate object: Hey Apple!
As a character: Juice Boxing

Toaster was a minor character and a murder weapon who first appeared as a character in Juice Boxing. He was played by Robert Jennings. Toaster have been around since the first episode, but didn't appear as a character until Juice Boxing. Toaster had a minor role, and was killed by juice from Blue, causing him to explode, killing them both. Because of his death, he was replaced by a newer toaster in Meteortron. He later appeared in Happy 5th Birthday! wishing Orange a happy birthday as an inanimate object.


Oster Toaster

The Oster Inspire Toaster

  • He, like Knife, appeared as an inanimate object Hey Apple!, a murder weapon in Rolling in the Dough and became a character in Juice Boxing.
  • He is the third male character to explode, Kiwi and Cob before him.
  • Many Mustachios tended to hide behind him, but they don't take well to the new toaster.
  • He is from the brand "Oster".
  • Even though he acted grumpily in Juice Boxing, he is actually quite friendly and doesn't mean to hurt anyone.
  • Despite toaster being replaced, he appeared in many episodes after the one of his demise due to a photoshopping error. However, this was rectified in season 6.



  • "Don't get any ideas, pal! I'm still plugged in!"
  • "No! You maniac!"
  • "Nooooooooooooo!"

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