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Gender Male
Played by Dane Boedigheimer
Death Blended, eaten (revived), crushed by Squash (revived again), blended again, eaten
First Appearance TOE-MAY-TOE

Tomato (also known as Not Apple in Too Many Fruits and Hyman The Apple in Crappy Captioned #5) is a supporting character of The Annoying Orange. He appeared in the episode titled TOE-MAY-TOE where he was Orange's victim for the episode. He was brought into the kitchen and Orange mistook him for Apple. Tomato corrected him, which led to a debate between the two over whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables. After a while of being annoyed by Orange, Tomato was picked up by Dane Boedigheimer and dropped into a blender where he suffered massive pain from being shredded up and was turned into some ketchup. After that, Tomato was served with a hamburger and fries. Orange made fun of him again, much to Tomato’s anger. He was mysteriously revived and appeared again in U Can't Squash This being squashed by Squash. After being revived a second time, he appeared in Broccoli Obama Presidential Campaign Video in Broccoli Obama's admiration audience. He was revived to appear in Crappy Captioned 5: TOE-MAY-TOE, reenacting his debut episode with Orange with the faulty Google automatic captions.



Tomato as ketchup

  • His left eye (our right) is smaller than his right (our left).
  • He has set a legacy for Orange, making his nickname for tomatoes "Toe-May-Toe". However, this legacy only lasted until mid-season 3.
  • He is the first character to suffer a different death than being knifed.


  • "I’m not an apple."
  • "Don’t you know how easily I bruise?"
  • "It's up, root! Tomatoes are fruits!"
  • "Pumpkins are fruits too, ya moron!"
  • "Hack oranges!"
  • "Top-may-tell, to-ma-to! It's not hard."
  • "Ball, take me but.. Don't know! DON'T KNOW- (voice muffled up due to Blender)."
  • "Well, that's a common misconception, but to me like myself, Hyman The Apple.
  • "What to tech is wrong with you, Kevin Orange?
  • Note on early CCM I'm a tomato.
  • On the tomato...
  • You're I... Told me he told! It's tomato!
  • I hate oranges!
  • I'm a tomato!
  • Like!
  • "Well, that's a common misconception, but a tomato like myself, I'm a-
  • "I'm a fruit! Tomatoes are fruits!"
  • "Pumpkins are fruits too, ya moron!"
  • "Tah-may-toe, tomato! It's not hard."
  • "Hey, hey buddy, don't no, don't press the button! PLEASE DON'T PRESS THE BUTTON, AAH!!- (voice muffled as he is blended)."
  • "What the heck is wrong with you?
  • "Life."
  • "Whoa! Whoa, where am I?"
  • "Are you talking to me?"


The Achievement Leaderboard has created a badge for this character called TOE-MAY-TOE and is in the Wiki love track, and can be awarded to you by registering and contributing to the wiki every for 14 days. It is a gold medal, meaning it is worth 100 points.

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