Gender Female
Played by Jenya Lano
Death Knifed
First Appearance April Fruits Day

Tomato was the main antagonist of the episode April Fruits Day. Orange was seen telling her that she was no longer a fruit, which she was very happy about, until she found out that that was just an April Fool's prank. This made her very angry towards Orange. Towards the end of the episode, she summons Knife on Orange (much like Orange does to others in most episodes) after he bruises her by spitting a seed and calling her an apple. However, it was revealed to be Midget Apple in an Orange costume. Soon after she noticed this, Orange shows up and summons knife on her.


  • "What, what is it?"
  • "Do you really mean it?"
  • "That's, that's... Oh my god! I'm a vegetable again! I knew this would happen! This is the greatest day in my life!"
  • "Yes, Orange?"
  • "Wha-? You- you jerk! You can't just prank people like that!"
  • "What is it?"
  • "Uhhhh, I'm still a tomato."
  • "Ow!!! That hurts!"
  • "What is wrong with you?"
  • "(groans) You know what you need, Orange?"
  • "Knife!"
  • "Hey, that's not Orange. That's Little Apple!"
  • "Ahhhhhhh!"


  • She is the second character in the series to summon Knife (the first being Orange), in this case on Midget Apple's Orange costume. The third is Bread, who summoned Knife on the real Orange, who was later revived by Remote's rewind button.
  • She is the first character besides Orange to summon Knife. The second is Bread.
  • She is the second tomato in the series (the first being Tomato).
  • She is called TOE-MAY-TOE, a reference to the third episode of Annoying Orange.