This is a Fruit News Network Special Report.

Pinapple: We've recieved numerous siting unconfermed of Zombie Vegitables attacking fruit stands around the world.  There's no need to panic.

(Zombie vegitables appear next to Pinapple.)

Pinapple: Wait, this just in. I can now confirm the report, and you are welcome to panic.

(The scene changes to the outside of the store.)

(Zombie Veggies surround Orange, Passion Fruit, Pear and Midget Apple.)

Orange: What is it that Zombies don't understand about personal space?

Pear: I never thought it would end like this.

Midget Apple: Me either.

Passion Fruit: Orange there's something you should know before we, get eaten alive.  I've always felt a certain.

Orange: Apeal?

Passion Fruit: Well actually.

Pear and Midget Apple: A Peel.

(A banana peel lands in front of them and they scream.)

Passion Fruit: Oh, you meant that literaly.

(The group starts screaming.)

(Everything freezes and the camera zooms in on Orange.)

Orange: You're probably wondering how this all came to be.  Our world overrun with hungry zombie vegitables. Well.

(The scene changes to a little girl holding veitables.)

Orange: It all started because some kids refused to eat there veggies.

(The little girl throws the vegitables out the window.)

Little Girl: Ew, gross.

(The scene changes to Brocoli alien ship flying.)


(Inside the Brocoli alien ship.)

Brocoli Alien Overlord: The time has come from my cruel siverous minions.  Human children have foolishly disgarded enough vegitables to give us the zombie army we need to destroy all fruit on earth.  Our dream of a fruitless planet, where veggies are number one, by our complitly prepoosturous plan, will soon come to be!

Brocoli Minions: Get the fruit!

Brocoli alien overlord: Send out the zombie signal.

Orange: Using advanced space technology. 

 Orange: . Creating a hungry zombie army. What do zombie vegitables feed on you ask? 

 Orange: Yeah fruit, so thanks for not eating your vegitables kids. But before we get devoured, lets go back few minutes, to when everything was still right with the world. Today started like another. 

 Orange: Hey guys, why you all scolding at me? Is this a frownie meeting? I'll take six cases of outmeal fudge bottoms. 

Pear: This is an intervention orange, you need help. 

Orange: You mean like a butler? Sweet I'm gonna call him frudrick. 

Grapefruit: I told you he wouldn't take this seriously. He's just laughing at us like always. 

Orange: Hey in case if your wondering.  

Midget Apple: Really, whats it called? 

Orange: Giggle Chuckleitis. 

Orange: See, oh come on, its a real condition. Look it up. 

Passion Fruit: Orange if you're really serious I might know someone who can help. 

: Tell me about your mother, is she still around? 

Orange: Of course she's round, she's an orange. 

 : . This is the worst case of giggle chuckleitise I've seen. I fear you may choke on your own . 

Orange: What can I do doc? I wanna live. 

: From now on, when you feel the urge to laugh. I want you picture the least funny thing in the world. 

 : are you picturing something unfunny? 

(Orange is thinking about Apple.) 

Orange: Boy am I. 

 Orange: When are you telling the joke? 

: I just did. 

Orange: Tell a funny one. 

: That was funny, I am a gifted joke smith with the words to prove it. 

Orange: Then you're saying. 

Orange: I'm cured, I'll never laugh again. 

Pear: Yeah right. 

Apple: I'll believe that when I see it. 

(A zombie rutabaga takes a bite out of apple.) 

Apple: Help me. 

Orange: See, normaly Applee getting attacked by a zombie rutabaga would normally make me spit chuckle seeds. But I don't feel the slightest. 

Orange: Zombie rutabaga, run for your lives! 

 Apple: Give it back jerk. 

Pear: ah, zombie attack! 

Grapefruit: The hororr, the horror. 

Marshmallow: there's no way out, yeah. 

Orange: Yeah? 

Marshmallow: Happy Joyful itise. Its a condition. 

Orange: I know a doctor you can see. 

(Nervile runs over with bottles of ranch dressing.) 

Nervile: Guys, I got the ranch dressing. 

Orange: Ranch dressing? 

Nervile: Veggi zombies hate that stuff. Almost as much as they hate happiness and babies. 

 Orange: Nervile, look out! 

 Orange and Passion fruit: No! 

Nervile: I hate vegitables! 

Passion Fruit: He's gone. 

Marshmallow: Yeah. You got that doctors card? 


Orange: We have one of those? 

Pear: We do now. Grapefruit. Grandpa lemmon. You guys man the FCDS. 

 Pear: Fruit Cart Defense system. 

 Grapefruit: With pleasure. 

Grandpa Lemmon: Aw, I was gonna take a nap. 


Midget Apple: Already on it. 

Passion fruit: What about the rest of us? 

Pear: We're going zombie hunting. 

Marshmallow: Zombie hunting, yeah. 

: Yeah. 

  Passion fruit: Orange I'm surprised. You just laid waste to atleastt fifty zombies and you didn't laugh once. 



Passion fruit: thanks, so you were something about. 

Pear: Guys, a little problem. 

Midget Apple: 

 Pear: Well we're out of amo and surrounded by zombies. 

Passion fruit: We're pretty much doomed. 

Marshmallow: Don't be like that, there's always a rainbow after a huricanee. I'll meet you there. 

  Midget Apple: We gotta get out of here now. 

Grapefruit: No way, this cart is our home. and I can't leave grandpa lemmon. 

 Grandpa Lemmon: Oh, Grandma Lime is that you? 

 Grapefruit: Oh I wish I could unsee that. 

Midget Apple: You and me both. 

 Midget Apple: It's Little Apple! 

Orange: Wow, even under a zombie attack thats a concern? 

Midget Apple: 

Orange: I know a good doctor you can see. 


 Pear: Orange, this isn't funny. 

 Orange: aw, I thought I was cured. 

Passion fruit: Orange, I think your laugh just made there heads explode. 

Midget Apple: 

Pear: I hate to say it orange, but your laugh is infectious. To Zombies. 

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