Vivisector 9000

The Vivisector 9000

The Vivisector 9000 is a weapon introduced in Close Encounters of the Annoying Kind. So far, it has only appeared in that episode.


The Vivisector 9000 was a machine used by Broccoli Leader to dissect intelligent life forms for study like a ray gun would shoot. Command Call: Vivisector 9000! Target the intelligent life, and fire at will!

Unfortunately, when the Vivisector 9000 scanned Orange, he was marked as "unintellignent" as he did the classic tongue flip sound while the machine was aiming at him. The Leader was the first intelligent life form it saw when it turned, and therefore it fired at him, killing him instantly.

"Oh, crap."

- Broccoli Leader's last words.


Broccoli Leader activating the Vivisector 9000

Turned into puns by Orange

When the Broccoli Leader told his minions to bring the Vivisector 9000, Orange thought that the machine is a giant bedazzler. Then a jacket appeared from nowhere as Orange, asked the Broccoli Leader to bedazzle it before he told Broccoli that he needs more rhinestones on it.


For some reason, the Vivisector 9000 didn't aim at Pear when it was activated, but skipped him and killed the Broccoli Leader instead. The reason of the machine skipping Pear remains as an unanswered question, although it is possible that the Broccoli Leader's intelligence was found before searching Pear.


  • The Vivisector 9000 is the first item in the series to be completely CGI.
  • The Vivisector 9000 is possibly a robot, this is however uncertain.
  • The Vivisector 9000 is the second complex machine murder weapon in the series, first being Jigsaw's death trap.

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