Voodoo Apples
Apples voodoo doll
Gender Male
Played by Steve Greene (Jack)
Robert Jennings (Andy)
Jason Horton (Bill)
Death Drowned in caramel, eaten
First Appearance The Voodoo You Do!

The Voodoo Apples were a group of three apples that had masters in the art of voodoo. These apples include Jack, Andy, and Bill. They were the main antagonists of the episode The Voodoo You Do!, and attempted to torture Orange with a pin cushion voodoo doll, but ended up getting tortured by the doll themselves. Like most apples, they were not on very good terms with Orange. When Midget Apple reversed the voodoo spell, he grew giant, but at the cost of the Voodoo Apples becoming incredibly small. After reversing the spell, turning Midget Apple back to his old self, they attempted to grow to their original size, and did so, but ended up getting stabbed by popsicle sticks, getting dipped in caramel and eaten immediately after.

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