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Gender Male
Played by Julian Smith
Death Eaten by Squirrel (revived) Eaten by Annoying Dog (Revived)
First Appearance Going Walnuts

Walnut was a character who appeared in Going Walnuts and It Takes Two to Mango as a flashback. Orange annoyed him by telling knock-knock jokes, thinking that he was an Avocado Pit, calling him a "Wingnut" and a "Walrus", which Walnut yelled at Orange to correct him, and joking about nutcrackers. In the end, he was eaten alive by a squirrel that somehow got into Dane Boedigheimer's house. In It Takes Two to Mango, he appeared in a flashback.


He is usually relaxed, but also can be short-tempered, and pretty smart, too. He was confused by some of Orange's puns. He is shown to be terrified of nutcrackers, which he describes as a "death dealing pair of metal tongs that will split your head open". Walnut seems to have been bored or stressed out when he met Orange.


  • "You know what? I don't care! I don't care who's at the door!"
  • "What are you talking about?! That was an avocado, you idiot!"
  • "Don't even joke about that, man! Have you ever seen a nutcracker?"
  • "No! It's not sweet! it's a death-dealing pair of metal tongs that'll split your head right open! Do you even know what that sounds like?"
  • "It's not a joke, I tell you, It's the worst way to go!"
  • "Squirrel? Squirrel who?"


  • He is the first nut in the series.
  • He is the second character to be killed by an animal.
  • He is the first nut in the series to get annoyed.
  • Walnut appeared in a flashback in It Takes Two to Mango.
  • There is a gap between his teeth on the higher row, like his portrayer, Julian Smith.
His name is accually Jim when said by Apple in Apple Keynote Address.

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