Walter Eggwhite
Gender Male
Played by Robert Jennings
Death Cooked into omelet, eaten
First Appearance Breaking Bad Eggs

Walter Eggwhite (more commonly known as Eggsenberg) was the main antagonist of the episode Breaking Bad Eggs. He and his associate, Messy Pinkman came into the kitchen for the sole purpose of producing more of Eggsenberg's Secret Hot Sauce. He began introducing himself by telling a tale of his old occupation, a home economics teacher. He quit this job when he found out from Dr. Bananas that he was going rotten. Since he could not afford the hard-boiling treatment that would save his life, he fell into a life of crime by producing dangerous hot sauce with rather unusual ingredients. They were eventually caught by the Carton Cartel, Hankon Heat and Saul the Egg. After Eggsenberg pondered on how the situation could worsen, Orange informs him about the likelihood of someone spitting a seed in his eye, and goes through with it immediately after. The trajectory of the seed caused it to land right into the hot sauce, turning it completely unstable and caused an explosion that cooked every egg and bacon strip in the kitchen into an omelet.

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