Gender Male
Played by Michael Gallager
Death Knifed (revived), crushed by tanks (revived again), squashed by Squash (revived again), exploded by Pit Romney
First Appearance Annoying Orange: Mommy and Me

Yam was an irritable character who only appeared in the episode Mommy and Me. Orange annoys Yam when he was put onto the counter by Dane Boedigheimer. When Yam asks Orange what is wrong with him, Orange just tells him to ask his mom, as he doesn't know himself, and they both annoy Yam together. Yam lost his temper, and eventually got knifed. He later made a cameo in Annoying Orange Comedy Roast telling Orange how he had a lot of "well wishers" at the roast (the many people who wanted to throw him down a well).

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