Yellow Bell Pepper
Yellow Pepper
Gender Male
Played by Dane Boedigheimer
Death Eaten by the Halloweenie
First Appearance Frankenfruit

Yellow Bell Pepper was a minor character who only appeared in Frankenfruit. He was first seen saying "yes" to skip Orange's story, but his voice overlaps with the others'. However, when speaking, his voice was deep, unlike Midget Pumpkin and Carrot's high-pitched voices, so he may be a teenager. He and the group members were slowly being kidnapped. He was the last to be stolen and became part of the Frankenfruit's right leg. He possibly got killed in the Halloweenie attack.


  • Yellow Bell Pepper contradicts the Frankenfruit story (as well as Midget Pumpkin), as he can be seen in the flashback but considering it was a story by Pear, it may have been his own imagining.
  • Unlike the other character parts of Frankenfruit, he has a very frownish expression.
  • He is the second pepper in the series (the first being Pepper).
  • If you look carefully, he escaped and possibly went to safety.


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