Zombie George Washington
Gender Male
Played by Robert Jennings
Death None
First Appearance Ask Orange #4: Master Chef!

Zombie George Washington is the main character of a series of the same name, who made a cameo in The Annoying Orange. He first appeared in Ask Orange 4: Master Chef!, saying that he would love to be on The Annoying Orange. However, he was chased by three angry cherries, which was a reference to George Washington chopping down a cherry tree in ficticious story and in Annoying Orange Through Time 3. He later appeared WazZOOM joining the Wazzup! chain along with Spelling Bee and Strawberry 2. He makes another appearance in This Week In Orangecraft 15: Halloween Hub, where he annoys Grapefruit around the Orangecraft server, attempting to eat his brains.


Zombie George Washington is very nasty undead person and whom ever he sees he eats their brain as of the zombie nature in his series. So far, he has not attempted to attack any Annoying Orange character besides Grapefruit in an episode of This Week In Orangecraft, despite attacking almost every character in his own series. He does not seem to resemble the real George Washington at all.


  • "ZGW would love to be on the Annoying Orange! However, ZGW doesn't think that the cherries will ever forgive him."
  • "Eeeeeeh!"
  • "Reeeeeh!"
  • "ZGW hates cherries!"
  • "Eeeeh!"
  • "Wazzuuuuup!"